Why Beauty Spas Private Label Products

Private labeling is all the rage these days. From wine to beauty products it seems like everyone has their own line. For celebrities, it’s about cementing their celeb status, staying relevant and making money. For beauty spas it’s about making money, controlling their client base and creating brand equity.

How Private Labeling Skin Care Works

Starting your own skin care company is extremely easy, granted you have a few thousand dollars. If you knew nothing about starting a skin care company all you have to do is turn to Google and start your search by typing private label skin care manufacturers.

Just on the first page alone you can locate several US based skin care manufacturers that can help you create your own line of skin care products, hair care products, cosmetics, bed and bath, different types of boy wraps, creams, oils etc.

Should Spas Create Own Products

Beauty spas can be very profitable. Customers spend hundreds of dollars for facial and body procedures in addition to buying skin care products. It’s more and more acceptable for both men and women to visit spas for various beauty treatments. “Massage is no longer a luxury to baby boomers,” explains Gerald Katzoff, former president of the spa association and president of the Greenhouse Group.

This presents a tremendous opportunity for spa owners.

Here’s how it works. When you visit a spa for any treatment type there’s a great chance they will use some type of product during the procedure. It doesn’t really matter which spa you visit they will most likely use a similar product with almost identical ingredients.

Spa owners buy these products at wholesale prices and make money by charging their customers not only on services but also on products they sell. The downside is their customers can go to any other spa and buy the same product. Thus they don’t have much control over pricing, profits and their client.

By private labeling their own products they essentially create a ‘unique’ product that their client can only buy at the spa. The product itself is generally not unique. What is unique is the label/brand name and packaging. This gives the spa owner more control over pricing and profits. To learn more about how to private label your products check out the video below.